Extraordinary Piedmont. The hidden side of beauty is a unique one-of-a-kind experience, conceived by Fioredentro™ for an international selected audience  of travellers interested in getting in touch with the most authentic soul of Italy.
Extraordinary Piedmont. The hidden side of beauty makes beauty, in all its forms, a privileged way for an invigorating personal transformation and works like a journey-theraphy which makes our Fioredentro™ motto “more than fashion” real de facto!

Extraordinary Piedmont. The hidden side of beauty is operated by our technical partner Jo-In Tour Operator (www.jo-in.it).
Explore exclusive locations and enchanting environments by experiencing a full immersion in beauty, out of the traditional tourist circuits and inside enticing stories!
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  • DAY 1:
    Tuesday – May 8

    Grand Hotel Sitea – Torino
    Arrival at Malpensa airport and transfer to Torino city center. Check-in at Grand Hotel Sitea. Aperitivo and tour introduction by Fioredentro™ and Jo-In.
    Welcome dinner at a high quality restaurant in the hotel vicinity

    DAY 2:
    Wednesday – May 9
    From a luxury fashion brand to a Medieval village

    Transfer to Casa Zegna (1 hour and half by Minibus from Torino).
    Activity: visit to Casa Zegna – historical archive and fashion cultural center.
    Where: Trivero, province of Biella, the Italian wool capital
    Visit duration: approx. 1 hour and a half.

    Casa Zegna, part of Fondazione Zegna, recounts the story and gives continuity to the values and philosophy of Ermenegildo Zegna, one of the most appreciated and environmentally and socially caring Italian luxury, fashion and style brand worldwide. A new “archive-museum” concept has been developed inside the Zegna Wool Mill, a 1930s building and once the family’s home.
    Lunch in local restaurant

    Transfer to Candelo and visit to the “Ricetto”.
    Where: Candelo
    Visit duration: approx. 1 hour and half

    “Ricetto” is a dialectal expression used to refer to a particular medieval fortification built by local farming communities. The Ricetto di Candelo, unlike many similar monuments in Piedmont (more than 200) has undergone a few rearrangements. It has been thoroughly examined and studied also by foreign universities and is among the best preserved in Europe. Today its unique atmosphere is still intact. Transfer to Torino.
    Dinner organized in a city center restaurant

    DAY 3:
    Thursday – May 10
    Food market, cooking class and Vermouth experience

    Guided visit to the Porta Palazzo market, grocery shopping, cooking class with the food purchased and lunch with what has been prepared.
    Visit duration: approx. 5 hours
    Where: Torino city centre

    Torino city center tour and visit to Porta Palazzo market experiencing its unique atmosphere: from fresh Farmers products to the indoor meat and cheese market, from the flower market to boutique liquor and chocolate shops. The Porta Palazzo market is the largest open air market in Europe with around 800 stalls open from Monday to Saturday spread over its 50,000 m2 surface.
    Self prepared lunch, after cooking class

    Time off after lunch to enjoy freely before attending the “Vermouth Experience” in the late evening.
    Activity: Esperienza Vermouth®
    Where: Torino city centre

    Did you know that Vermouth was originally created in Torino in 1786? And that since then, it has become the protagonist of most cocktails and aperitivi? You’ll have the chance to make your own during the workshop.
    Free dinner plans

    DAY 4:
    Friday – May 11
    Perfumes, essences and silk origin

    Transfer to Savigliano and visit to the “Accademia Europea delle Essenze” (1 hour and 15 minutes by Minibus from Torino).
    Where: Savigliano, province of Cuneo, southern part of Piedmont
    Visit duration: approx. 1 hour and half

    The Accademia Europea delle Essenze is a unique place to discover the fascinating world and history of perfumes and essences: a multi-sensorial path and experience where art, history, technology merge in one of the most representative baroque locations in Piedmont.
    Light lunch inside the Accademia

    Transfer to Caraglio and visit to the “Filatoio di Caraglio” – Spinning factory of Caraglio (30 minutes by Minibus from Savigliano).
    Activity: Visit to the “Filatoio di Caraglio” – Spinning factory of Caraglio
    Visit duration: “Filatoio di Caraglio” approx. 1 hour and half
    Where: Caraglio, province of Cuneo, southern part of Piedmont

    The “Filatoio DI Caraglio” is the oldest silk factory in Europe and one of the very few in Italy. Built in 1676, the Filatoio stands like a noble king in the middle of the countryside after a major restoration work in 2002. Impressive proof of the sumptuous tradition which rendered Piedmont the most-refined silk producer during the XVIII century, the Filatoio of Caraglio is a must-see. Transfer to Torino.
    Pizza for dinner

    DAY 5:
    Saturday – May 12
    The royal heritage and the King’s artisan
    Activity: Visit to the Palazzo Reale – The Royal Palace of Turin
    Where: Torino city center
    Visit duration: approx. 2 hours

    Guided visit to the elegant apartments hidden behind the facade of the Royal Palace. A journey back in time and into the life of the King of Italy, also known as the King of Sardinia before 1861. Awaiting in the many different rooms are the stories and anecdotes of court life, from the strict protocol to the menus for large official dinners, from the dances  at  the  Palace to the halls of government. The Royal Palace of Turin is a World Heritage Site since 1997. The itinerary includes the visit to the Royal Armory, one of the richest collections of arms and armours in the world.
    Light lunch in the Torino city center.

    Transfer to Pianezza, in the outskirts of Turin
    Activity: Visit to Massia
    Where: Pianezza (Torino)
    Visit duration: approx. 1 hour and half

    Supplier to the Royal Court of Savoy since 1843, managed by the same family for almost 200 years and with its roots in the weaving industry dating back to 1685, Massia is an amazing factory creating trimmings to embellish several castles, palaces, theatres and aristocratic mansions still today. Transfer to Torino.
    Free time for dinner

    DAY 6:
    Sunday – May 13
    From Egyptian heritage to baroque allure

    Visit to the Egyptian Museum and the Mole Antonelliana, location of the National Cinema Museum.
    Where: Torino city center
    Visit duration: approx. 3 hours
    Guided visit to the Egyptian Museum, the second most important museum in the world entirely dedicated to the Egyptian Antiquities.

    Then you will have the chance to take the panoramic lift located inside the Mole Antonelliana, Torino’s most important landmark, and see the breathtaking view of the city from the top Free time on your own for lunch Torino city center.
    Free lunch in the Torino city center

    Transfer to Superga (15 minutes by Minibus from Torino).
    Activity: visit to the Church of Superga (Basilica di Superga)
    Where: Superga (Torino)
    Visit duration: approx. 1 hour

    The Basilica of Superga is one of the most relevant religious monument in Turin. Its late-baroque majesty, looking over the city from the top of a hill, makes the place an impressive blend of magic and extraordinary history.
    An exclusive musical moment will be opening the dinner.
    Dinner inside a reserved room in Superga

    DAY 7:
    Monday – May 14
    Lago Maggiore and Lago D’Orta
    Water enchantment

    Hotel check out and transfer to Orta San Giulio (1 hour and half by Minibus from Torino city center).
    Orta San Giulio guided visit and transfer to Island of Saint Giulio, pic-nic lunch on the island.
    Where: Orta San Giulio & Isola di San Giulio
    Visit duration: approx. 4 hours

    Mount Mottarone separates Lago Maggiore – Lake Maggiore from the smaller and more intimate Lago D’Orta – Lake Orta, named after Orta San Giulio, the cozy little town on the lake shore characterized by a romantic and evocative atmosphere. A meeting place for students and artists, the small village is an ideal location for a pleasant walk through its alleys. In particular, a place worth seeing is the Isola di San Giulio, located exactly in the middle of the lake, 400 m off the shore and almost entirely occupied by a Benedictine monastery, a real oasis of silence and beauty.
    Lunch in local restaurant

    Transfer to the Lago Maggiore area and check-in at the new accommodation. Free time.
    Dinner organized in a local restaurant or at the hotel

    DAY 8:
    Tuesday – May 15
    Lago Maggiore
    Water enchantment

    Guided visit of the Isola dei Pescatori
    Where: Lago Maggiore and Isola dei Pescatori
    Visit duration: approx. 4/5 hours

    The only island still home to a few inhabitants on the Lake Maggiore is the Isola dei Pescatori – Fishermen Island. Here, within a frame of unique elegance and vocation for tourism, time seems to have stopped and it is possible to spend a day on the island with a local fisherman to discover the secrets of the Lake. The late morning is also the best time for a walk through the market stalls and the gift shops.

    Lunch at a restaurant located on the island: menu will include the original mouth-watering recipes with the fresh catch from the lake.

    Return from the island and free time at the lakeside area.
    Farewell dinner in a high quality restaurant close to the Lago Maggiore

    DAY 9:
    Wednesday – May 16
    Lago Maggiore
    Departure day

    Check out and transfer* to the airport according to the return flight.

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